Rp 400.000,00

Bundle of Natural and Flavor Zing



Add Contrast : It helps you reduce unwanted harsh lighting. You can always adjust the exposure after

Basic B : It’s my go to preset! Add the perfect natural not-too-much warm touch, suitable for any occasions

Celfie : Enhance your natural beauty and your selfie game to the next level!

Dehaze : If you already have the perfect coloration in your picture but wanted to add more dreamy feelings on them, Dehaze is for you

Herbs : Less hints- Herbs helps achieve that vintage look! Excellent for night+flash pictures or nature moments

Misty Valley : Basically Add Contrast’s best friend but she’s a little moody and warmer


Sweet revive : A little warm touch and brown-ish preset that creates summer vacation feeling. It is reducing redness, helping the skin pigments and everything nice for a soft, angelic, perfect selfie.

Sour Power 1 : Capture all your moments in the instax mini inspired filter for more pleasing pictures. One of my absolute favorites!

Sour Power 2 : Inspired by vintage analog camera, Sour Power 2 will be your bestie for sure! Adds a perfect nostalgic sparkle to any photo.

Salty Essence : Helps achieve important color correction for that clean tone without compromising the original style of the photo. My go-to preset at the moment! I like to lower the exposure to achieve that subdued trendy dark photo.